Make your Life Simple with our Turnkey Solutions!

Primary Benefits

  • Multiple site layouts with many color combinations and images to choose from

  • Mobile ready

  • Preconfigured to your agency’s specifications

  • Plenty of content provided, with the ability to customize!

Two prestyled website solutions to choose from: The Basic & The Professional

The Basic Website Solution 

Low cost, no fuss designed to attract customers.

This options is for agents that need a web presence and a booking engine but don't want the hassle of taking care of a website.



Responsive Design

Every agent website is a 100% mobile ready design, meaning it is extremely useable on all devices, desktops, tablets and mobile phones.

SIRRVA Integration ( For agents)

Integration of’s SIRRVA search widget, allowing your website users to search travel packages and book online.

  • Multi-tabbed search widget

  • Individual flights, hotels, cars, packages, last minute specials widgets

  • SIRRVA Ad module integration

  • SoftVoyage secure headers and footers along with loader

Social Media Integration

Feature links to your social media profiles, and have icons in the top menu link direct

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • Instagram

  • YouTube

Insite Banner Support

If you subscribe to this service, we can integrate the promotional banners on your site to link directly to your affiliate space on

The Professional Solution 

The Professional option gets you up and running in no time. It comes with a media library and standardized content. All the website design decisions have been made for you. You can add destinations and experiential travel pages in the content management system with ease.

It features everything in the Basic Solution and much more. Designed with agents in mind that don't have a lot of time to manage their websites, but still want to offer more than just search functionality. Agents can customize some of the content provided on the website, as well as receive great insight into website traffic and where it's comming from.

Additional Features

Content Management System Access

The professional level package comes with access to a state-of-the-art content management system that will allow you to login and update content as it appears in your website.  You will gain access to fine tune what content is or isn’t available, what menu items are available, and how you feature specific destinations or experience travel.

Bonus Content

Bonus content is editable by you, providing you with base content to customize for website optimization and strategic marketing purposes.

Media Library

A common library of licensed images and documents for use on your website that can be managed from a central place and easily inserted into your website content.

Cruise Pro Integration (If applicable)

In addition to SIRRVA integration, we also integrate the Cruise Pro online search/booking functionality so your clients can book cruises!

Destination Sliders

Now you can add impact by customizing dramatic picturesque destination sliders on the homepage of your website.

Website Analytics

Do you want to know exactly what your site is doing for your business? Our professional packages feature fully integrated Google Analytics, and we will have your site automatically send you a dashboard report at the beginning of each month summarizing all your website activity.

Feature Your Location


If you have a brick and mortar location you want to drive local traffic to, we will establish your Google Places account, and embed a map on your site to make it easy for your customers to find you!

Contact Form

This level features a contact form so prospective clients of yours can inquire about your services, as well as giving you the ability to capture their information providing you with valuable leads.

Additional Content

Destination Content

Your site comes prepopulated with Destination specific content so you can enable/disable destinations you wish to feature. Feel free to edit the content as you see fit!

  • Greece
  • Dubai
  • Las Vegas
  • New York
  • Paris
  • Mexico
  • And more

Experiential Travel Content

Your site comes pre populated with popular experiential travel content, and you can enable/disable the ones you wish to offer.  Now your website can communicate the benefits (and your specialties) in the form of:

  • Shopping Holidays

  • Golf Getaways

  • Wedding & Honeymoon Travel

  • Group Excursions

Standardized Content

Your site will also provide value to your visitors by offering some common content in the form of:

  • travel check lists

  • packing lists

  • phone number cards

  • etc..

* Agents are responsible for any legal documents necessary (Terms & Conditons, Site usage, Ticket information).