We have extensive experience working with the SoftVoyage advertising module, we have built solutions for multiple platforms and delivery methods. Each agency and situation is unique so it is best to contact us with your requirements.

Advanced Ad Module (Hosted)

Our custom XML parsing technology allows us to customize the display of the advertising module to your you exact requirements. Separating specials into simple groups or by implementing complex filtering logic nearly anything is possible.


  • Country
  • Departure city
  • Arrival Airport
  • low cost (with or without tax)
  • Only All inclusives
  • Leaving soon
  • custom regions (Caribbean, Western Europe, South Africa)
  • groups of destinations (Las Vegas, Atlantic City and Amsterdam)
  • Our hosted system can even be set up to send email alerts or text messages when a deal appears that meets a targeted price and destination. Example a package from Edmonto to Mexico, All Inclusive, for under $500/person including taxes.


Ad Module Demo




We can quicky install the Vacation.com advertising iframe into your website. For customers that have had a  basic integration or templated websites. This service can be provided for minimal cost.

.Net Installable Solution

ev+ Agency has also created a custom advertising module programmed with .net. This module is installed on your website and is entirly hosted by you. The standard licence does not include the source code, but an open source licence can be arranged. This solution has been tested on sites using the wizie.com software.