Want to fully implement the Softvoyage advertising module, not sure how? We can create a custom parser that will allow you to get the most out of the advertising module. Separation of packages from flights? Separation of data by Destination or departing gateway?

We can provide ready to use HTML or custom XML feeds based on your needs and level of expertise. We can also install components on your website so all you have to worry about is creating the specials in your control panel.

Advanced Ad Module (Hosted)

Our custom XML parsing technology allows us to customize the display of the advertising module to your you exact requirements. Separating specials into simple groups or by implementing complex filtering logic nearly anything is possible.


  • Country
  • Departure city
  • Arrival Airport
  • low cost (with or without tax)
  • Only All inclusives
  • Leaving soon
  • custom regions (Caribbean, Western Europe, South Africa)
  • groups of destinations (Las Vegas, Atlantic City and Amsterdam)
  • Our hosted system can even be set up to send email alerts or text messages when a deal appears that meets a targeted price and destination. Example a package from Edmonto to Mexico, All Inclusive, for under $500/person including taxes.

                   Ad Module Demo



Take a look at our vacation.com ad module offering for more information.