As a full service advertising agency, Ev+ Agency can provide you with marketing solutions that go beyond the web. We specialize in the creation of mult-functional advertising and communications campaigns that are powerful, effective and award winning.

Strategic Marketing/Planning

Ev+ Agency's account services group lives for complex problems and issues. The group has developed industry programs, create national identities, conceive and conduct marketing surveys, initiate marketing strategies, plan sponsorship initiatives, provide campaign follow up data, organize focus groups, and stickhandle the elements of marketing and communication programs from concept to execution.

Creative Excellence

It’s one thing to come up with the right strategy for a complex communications challenge. It’s quite another to create the words, images and designs that end up having a powerful impact – often at the emotional level – on the target group and causing them to think, or act, in the direction Parcom and their clients intend. Parcom’s creative department has tremendous experience in translating strategies into strong creative multimedia campaigns producing crisp effective communications. Ev+ has created innovative multifaceted communication programs comprising of traditional and web broadcast (film,video and audio), outdoor, publications & print, interactive web, and guerrilla marketing. Many of the campaigns that Ev+ Agnecy has shaped cover more than just the consumer aspect of the strategy. A successful campaign must be supported by industry, stakeholders and the management team. To those ends the Ev+ creative team creates multi-informational campaigns that speak to all relevant parties. We have produced work that is truly elegant and when a ‘hit-em-between-the-eyes’ approach is appropriate, our work can be explosive. The creative team at Ev+ produces uncommonly superb work. That’s why our  clients love ‘us!

Media Services

Ev+ Agency's media department offers a full range of services from traditional media planning and buying to online tactics and social media strategies. We keep up to date and on the pulse of current media trends to best recommend media tactics for our clients’ messaging while ensuring a strong return on investment. Our media team strives to understand our client’s customer’s daily lives to better understand how to effectively reach and connect to their target market.

Ev+ Agency'ss online media services provide our clients with consistency for their brand, from their customers’ first contact right through conversion. Our interactive approach ensures that the most effective blend of traditional and online media are used to get the message out to the right people, at the right place and time in a cost-effective manner. Our clients benefit from services that include: SEM campaigns, third party banner advertising, social network advertising and social content platforms, social media and viral advertising and promotions content syndicated press releases, e-newsletters and search engine optimization. Ev+ utilizes both in-house technologies and a host of web based resources to track and chart the results of each campaign. From the plan to the post-buy analysis, our media team’s focus is on measureable results for our clients.

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